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What is our Favorite Type of Awning? 4 Reasons Retractable Awnings Stay at the Top of our List.

We have a confession to make. We love all our awnings but, we do have a favorite. Don’t tell our other awnings but, retractable awnings stay at the top of our list year after year. Here are four compelling reasons that they should be your favorite type of awning too.

Retractable awnings are versatile.

Sometimes you want to feel the warmth of the sun and sometimes you want to relax in the cool shade. Retractable awnings allow you to choose.

You can extend your retractable awning during those hot, sunny days that are just begging for some shade. You will feel up to 15 degrees cooler under the shade of your retractable. That’s like taking a 90-degree day and making it feel more like 75 degrees. It’s no wonder awnings have been used in hot climates for thousands of years. We are not making that up, awnings were used on the Coliseum in ancient Rome!

On the other hand, you can retract your awning when you want to allow the sun to shine on down. Maybe you are in the mood for a good dose of Vitamin D or need those plants on your deck or patio to catch some sun for a few hours. And, though it’s hard to imagine during our sultry summer months, there will come a time during the cooler days of fall and winter when it is beneficial and cost-effective to let the sun hit your windows and help warm up the interior of your home.

Once you have made the crucial sun or shade decision, you get yet another option. You can use the hand crank to extend your awning or you can choose the motorized version and, with the simple touch of a button, your awning will be extended or retracted in about 60 seconds. No muscles required. You can probably guess which option we would recommend. There is even a handy wall holder for the remote so you won’t misplace it.

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Retractable awnings can help you save money.

Retractable awnings are an easy and attractive way to create shade and, best of all, they can help you save money on energy costs.

According to PAMA (Professional Awning Manufacturers Association), homeowners can expect to save up to 25% of their cooling energy just by using an awning. You may be wondering how that works. Well, it’s all about blocking the sun. Heat gained through windows increases the temperature inside your home which increases the amount of time your air conditioning has to run. Reduce that heat gain by shading your windows with an awning and your air conditioner works less which saves you money.


Retractable Awning - Greenville Awning Company in Greenville, SC

Retractable awnings add outdoor living space you can safely use.

Increase the amount of outdoor living space that you have by shading it with a retractable awning. Extend the space where you live by turning your deck or patio into a shady, comfortable area where the kids can play, you can entertain, and your pets can happily relax.

It’s not just about comfort though. When creating a usable outdoor living space, sun protection is vital for the health of both people and pets. Sunbrella, the awning fabric that we mainly use for retractable awnings, has been given the Seal of Recommendation by the Skin Cancer Foundation because the fabric blocks UV rays and aids in the prevention of sun-related damage to skin.

Additionally, providing a shaded area can help prevent heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Extend that awning and you can send your kids and pets outdoors so you can get a moment’s peace without worrying that they will get sunburned or faint from the heat. How much is that worth? Trust us, it’s priceless!

Retractable Awning Greer, SC - Greenville Awning Company in Greenville, SC

Retractable awnings can be easily customized.

We firmly believe that awnings should help increase the curb appeal of your home. Even if you want your retractable awning on the rear aspect of your home, it should look good hanging out back there.

Fortunately, retractable awnings can easily be customized to suit your needs and your design tastes. Our company offers three different types of retractable awnings each with specific features such as pitch controls, a cassette-style that keeps your fabric completely protected when the awning is retracted, and optional LED lights so you can enjoy your awning at night, if there is light rain, or if you are entertaining.

We custom design our awnings so you can choose from several different frame colors, valance styles, and hundreds of different fabric options. Our retractable awnings are available in a variety of sizes from small to large so that you can get the shade coverage you need for your deck or patio. All these options allow you to create a retractable awning that works for you and looks good too!


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