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How Much Does An Awning Cost?

A Complicated Question

When people are ready to add an awning to their outdoor living areas, they want to know how much that shade is going to cost them.

It is hard to nail down an accurate awning price just by searching online. You will not find any pricing on our website either and there is one particularly good reason why.

The Reason

We cannot give you a one-size-fits-all price for any of our awnings because every single awning we sell is customized for you and the price depends

Factors Determining Price


One of the major factors determining the price of an awning is the size of the awning. We start the pricing process by looking at either the linear footage or square footage of the awning depending on what type of awning you choose.

Fabric vs. Metal

Another pricing consideration is the type of awning you choose. A fabric awning will initially be less costly than a metal awning but, keep in mind, that you will more than likely need to have your awning recovered with new fabric every 8 to 10 years.

The positive aspect of awning recovers is that you can choose a totally new fabric option to cover the original aluminum frame. This allows you to easily change the look of your awnings at a cost-effective price.

A metal awning will initially cost more but can be longer lasting than a fabric awning. While traditional fabric awnings are still the favored option, some residential customers are choosing standing seam awnings or hanger rod canopies to match the unique aesthetic of their homes.

Type of Awning

We sell many different types of awnings including retractable awnings, traditional awnings, concave and convex awnings, dome awnings, standing seam awnings, and hanger rod canopies.

Each awning that we sell is custom-made and some awning styles involve more fabric or are more labor intensive. For example, a dome awning needs to be patterned piece by piece so that the fabric fits tightly without wrinkles. This painstaking process makes that style of awning slightly more expensive than a straight, open-winged awning.

Type of Fabric

When you are purchasing a fabric awning, there are several different fabric types you can choose from several different fabric manufacturers.

We have vinyl (waterproof) and acrylic options.

Whether you choose a solid fabric instead of a patterned fabric may also affect the cost.

The one thing we can tell you for certain is that all our fabric types are high quality and long-lasting so you cannot go wrong no matter which fabric you choose.

Let's Get Specific

Retractable Awnings

We will use our popular retractable awnings to highlight why obtaining a free cost estimate for your specific awning project is so useful.

To determine the cost of your retractable, we first look at the size of the awning you desire.

Then, there are many additional options to help you customize your awning including the type of fabric used and the frame style that best meets your needs.

You can choose a motorized retractable awning which adds to the cost of your project but is a very convenient option as it allows you to adjust your awning with just the touch of a button. Many of our customers decide this is definitely worth the added expense.

There are also different mounting options including roof mounted which allows us to install your retractable awning even if you have lower clearance onto your deck or patio.

We also have several optional additions such as drop screens and wind sensors.

The choices you make will determine the final cost of your retractable awning project.


From the time you reach out to our office to inquire about your awning to the time you step outside to enjoy your newly created shade, approximately ten of our employees will have worked on your awning project.

Our office manager sets up the appointment, and your estimator gives you all the options and collaborates with you throughout your project to ensure you get the exact awning you want.

We have welders who make the frame and a sewing shop team who lay out and sew the fabric.

Our installation manager oversees the scheduling and our installation teams put the awning up correctly and clean up after themselves.

It takes an experienced and dedicated team to ensure your custom awning meets your high expectations.

The Bottom Line

Determining the cost of your custom-designed and built awning is a complicated process and many factors can affect the price of your project.

We know finding the true cost of the awning you want can be frustrating. To make it easier, we offer free, no-obligation estimates so that you can get the accurate price for your special project.


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