Commercial Awnings

Greenville Awning Company can make your business stand out with the right awning to fit your specific needs.

  • All our products are custom made to ensure the highest quality and fit.
  • Our designers can use many various techniques to incorporate your logo or custom art work.
  • Electrostatic sealing and staple stitch technology allow for a wide range of options and ensure longevity.
  • Computer aided design allows you to view several structural and color combinations before making a final decision.

Awning Composer

With our Awning Composer software, we can show you the finished look of your awning before we ever cut the fabric or pick up a tool to install it. We simply take a before picture of the space where you want to put your awning then we use software to add the awning to the picture so that you can see what the completed project will look like. We can show you a wide variety of styles and colors to help you choose the perfect awning for your business.



After with Computer Aided Design

After with Computer Aided Design

SGS Graphics Machine


The SGS Graphics machine allows Greenville Awning Company to actually integrate the graphics with the awning fabric so that they will never peel. Graphics and logos can be printed in any combination of colors you choose and applied to the awning fabric with our graphics machine. The graphics will last for the lifetime of your awning with no peeling. This machine significantly cuts down on the time needed to apply logos and graphics and allows us to print extremely detailed graphics that would not have been possible with our previous application methods.

<center><h2>Fabric Awnings</h2></center>

Fabric Awnings

  • Patio Canopies, Open End Awnings, Retractable Awnings, Entrance Canopies
  • Customized to make your business stand out.
  • Add logos or graphics to create custom signage for your business.
  • Provides protections for windows, doors, and patios in inclement weather.
  • Provides sun protection.

<center><h2>Metal Awnings and Canopies</h2></center>

Metal Awnings and Canopies

  • Standing Seam Awnings, Wall Hung Canopies, Walkway Canopies, Bahama Shutters
  • Provides durable, long lasting protection for your company‚Äôs entrance, drive-through or loading areas.
  • Shields your customers and merchandise from the elements.
  • Custom designed to match the exterior of your business.